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This post is intended to be a crash-course for other roleplayers visiting this journal to get information about a character they may not be familiar with.

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The Spine does not belong to the player, but is a character created and performed in real life by David Michael Bennett. There is a wealth of canon resources online (the band has a strong online presence). If you're not familiar with Steam Powered Giraffe, follow the links to learn more:
Steam Powered Giraffe Website
Steam Powered Giraffe on YouTube Loads of music videos, live performances, etc.
Additional live performances on YouTube (This channel belongs to their official photographer)
Walter Robotics Presents: The Spine (Official Video)
The Spine's official Bio
Steam Powered Giraffe on Tumblr
The Spine on Tumblr (Official in-character Tumblr)
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Continued from here...

The trip across the ocean had been, for The Spine, a slightly nerve-wracking one. Not that he technically had nerves to wrack, whatever that meant. While his new friends had been kind enough to help him work up a fleshy disguise, but the fear of somebody revealing him as a robot and then causing panic over it was an old one. The Walter robots had learned from a very early age that people who accepted them for themselves were few and far between, and they needed to approach the world with some caution. None of them had taken that lesson as deeply as The Spine had, perhaps because he was the only one of them who harbored a quiet desire to be human.

On the other hand, if he hadn't had practice disguising himself in secret so many times, he never would have been able to pull it off now.

After the boat came the train, and he'd almost forgotten how very far away from Europe California was, back before airplanes were the standard method of travel. The last time he'd come home from overseas was decades ago, now, and he'd been in pieces that time... But these weren't good memories to linger on. Every time his new friends found him quietly brooding somewhere, they pulled him into songs and stories, and he found himself glad for both the company of Francœur and his guitar. By the time they did reach California, he'd told his new friends about how Colonel P.A.Walter had built the robots for a woman he loved, only to have her die of illness before they could perform for her. He'd told them about the rivalry between the Colonel and Mr. Becile, and the 3 day war against Becile's creations -with the gory details very much glossed over. He'd told them about the other automatons; The Jon, Hatchworth, and his oldest and craziest sibling, Rabbit. There were others of course, but those three were the ones he was closest to, the ones who formed Colonel Walter's Steam Man Band.

After the train, they'd have to all cram into a cab, but when it finally brought them to the tall metal gates of the Walter Manor, there wasn't much further to go. The Spine was out of stories, full of worry of what his family would think of him now, and filled with a confused homesickness like he'd never felt before. While Raoul and the driver got the bags, the big robot leaned slightly against Francœur, and stared at the already slightly run-down mansion, and had no words left at all.
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One A. M. and Rabbit is bored...

When I get hold of him I am turning him off for the night.

With a hammer.

((Also this is adorable.!))
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((Just wanted to post a quick... thinglet. An apology to the people I have RP threads ongoing with. I'm not trying to be flaky, but for the past several weeks now I've been pulling ten-hour days pretty much every day at work, sometimes longer, with crises popping up usually just when I have some obligation outside work to get to at a certain time, and my weekends have been spent also working and catching up on errands, and I've just generally been spending a lot of time feeling like I'm on the breaking point or else collapsing and trying to recover for the next round. Car trouble and other things have been in the mix, too. So I'm still around and replying, but it may not be every night, and I don't know how long this state will continue but gdi I need a vacation and can't see my way to getting one any time soon either.

I love you guys. I will keep replying as sanity allows.))
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((Sequel to this thread.))

Kazooland, as it turns out, is a very hospitable place to bring a circus. New Pieland welcomes the so-called Greatest Show in the Galaxy, and they set up tents on the outskirts of Preferbia. The place has a look that is vaguely 1950's earth, but with other elements that make it clear people from all over have settled there. In comparison to some of the denizens of the city, some of the people of the Psychic Circus look downright ordinary, so they just may have to step up their game.
They're invited to put up posters in all the usual places, which are evidenced by layers of older posters already there. Some of these advertise 'The Steam Man Band, the singing musical Walter automatons'.

It is one of these who shows up at the ticket booth, in fact, although his look has been updated some since the photo for the posters was taken. Now he sports big metal blades down his back, and a face made of seamed metal plates with vents in the cheeks that occasionally trickle steam. He bends down a little, to reach the level of the ticket window, and gives the person there an uncertain look. "I... w-was told to ask for Mags...?" The bass voice rises at the end, uncertain.
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