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This post is intended to be a crash-course for other roleplayers visiting this journal to get information about a character they may not be familiar with.

The Spine (yes that really is his name) is a steam-powered automaton/robot, nearly seven feet tall and weighing at least a ton, possibly several. His body is mostly titanium alloy, at least on the surface, with steel and steam pistons and gears of varying ages. He has a boiler, and needs water on a regular basis to keep it going. His brain is an aging mishmash of circuitry, wires, and older technology, and as such may be slightly prone to being affected by magnets. Please do not test this by trying to stick magnets on his head. He will not appreciate it. The electricity that runs his brain, and heat source that fuels his boiler, is a more esoteric thing he may refer to as his blue matter core. Blue Matter is somewhat magical in nature, slightly unpredictable, and very possibly the reason he is more than just a very big machine.

The Spine is acutely aware that he is a machine. He can be turned on and off, he can be programmed, he can be (and has been) more or less rebuilt and have parts changed out. He is also very much a person, an individual with desires and drives that nobody can track down in his programming. He is a person, just as much as anyone else, and harbors an intense desire to be seen as such.

The Spine is often described as a stoic figure, serious and responsible, and he appears mature beside his fellow automatons. Although he is not the oldest, he is the tallest, and possibly the most collected of his robotic family, and as such he feels a duty to look out for them and corral their antics when they get out of hand. He's not as stoic as he seems to think he is, though, and genuinely loves play and fun. Under the sober front, The Spine has the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy, and a gullible streak that sometimes gets him in trouble. He loves old Western movies, cowboys, video games, and jokes about bodily functions (all the Walter automatons find human bodily functions hilarious, partly because they don't possess these things themselves). Stoicism also tends to go out the window when The Spine is singing, as he is known to wail across his broad vocal range with abandon, sing along to Rihanna songs, and physically rock out to his own guitar playing as best as his range of movement allows.

The Spine was built back in 1896, the second of a number of automatons created by the Walter Family. He has served in both World Wars and Vietnam (primarily as search and rescue, due to conscientious objection), as well as a private war on behalf of his original creator. He remains the property of the Walter Family today, having helped raise and be subsequently maintained by a number of generations. Having such a wealth of history, The Spine is very knowledgeable about a wide array of things, and has his share of maudlin memories. Being as old as he is, The Spine is also prone to minor physical breakdowns and glitches, and requires fairly regular maintenance.

In 2014, The Spine lives in San Diego, CA in the Walter Manor and travels around performing as a musician with his fellow automatons Rabbit and Hatchworth, in a band known as Steam Powered Giraffe.

The Spine does not belong to the player, but is a character created and performed in real life by David Michael Bennett. There is a wealth of canon resources online (the band has a strong online presence). If you're not familiar with Steam Powered Giraffe, follow the links to learn more:
Steam Powered Giraffe Website
Steam Powered Giraffe on YouTube Loads of music videos, live performances, etc.
Additional live performances on YouTube (This channel belongs to their official photographer)
Walter Robotics Presents: The Spine (Official Video)
The Spine's official Bio
Steam Powered Giraffe on Tumblr
The Spine on Tumblr (Official in-character Tumblr)
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