Jul. 25th, 2014

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((Just wanted to post a quick... thinglet. An apology to the people I have RP threads ongoing with. I'm not trying to be flaky, but for the past several weeks now I've been pulling ten-hour days pretty much every day at work, sometimes longer, with crises popping up usually just when I have some obligation outside work to get to at a certain time, and my weekends have been spent also working and catching up on errands, and I've just generally been spending a lot of time feeling like I'm on the breaking point or else collapsing and trying to recover for the next round. Car trouble and other things have been in the mix, too. So I'm still around and replying, but it may not be every night, and I don't know how long this state will continue but gdi I need a vacation and can't see my way to getting one any time soon either.

I love you guys. I will keep replying as sanity allows.))


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