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((Sequel to this thread.))

Kazooland, as it turns out, is a very hospitable place to bring a circus. New Pieland welcomes the so-called Greatest Show in the Galaxy, and they set up tents on the outskirts of Preferbia. The place has a look that is vaguely 1950's earth, but with other elements that make it clear people from all over have settled there. In comparison to some of the denizens of the city, some of the people of the Psychic Circus look downright ordinary, so they just may have to step up their game.
They're invited to put up posters in all the usual places, which are evidenced by layers of older posters already there. Some of these advertise 'The Steam Man Band, the singing musical Walter automatons'.

It is one of these who shows up at the ticket booth, in fact, although his look has been updated some since the photo for the posters was taken. Now he sports big metal blades down his back, and a face made of seamed metal plates with vents in the cheeks that occasionally trickle steam. He bends down a little, to reach the level of the ticket window, and gives the person there an uncertain look. "I... w-was told to ask for Mags...?" The bass voice rises at the end, uncertain.

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Indeed the circus has found the place almost like a second home, and they've really stepped up their game. They have a reputation to maintain, and they haven't come to Kazooland completely unprepared for the challenge.

Mags may have swiped one of the older posters, having quickly recognized the face of one of the members. She's been hovering around the main entrance today, having earned a day off after talking to Kingpin about her plans.

They have a new ticket booth operator, a friendly sword-swallower with a heavily tattooed face who smiles up at the robot.

"Ah! Yes!" He says in a heavy Scottish Accent. "Mags! Your friend is here!" She's quickly coming around from behind the booth.

"Thanks Pommel." She's excited but trying to keep low key. It's not often she makes a friendly acquaintance, and she never has company. "Hi. I'm glad you could make it."

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She gives a shy smile and the ticket master seems to just meld back into the booth, even though he's amused and watching her. The others from the earlier rebuild of the circus tend to be a bit protective around Mags, even though they know she can hold her own.

"Do you want to watch the show first? Or would you like to walk around?"

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"I got the day off. I could show you where I do my act. I do the side show for now. I'm working up to getting in the center right." She looks around a moment and then waves as a family comes in. She moves to the side to let them through.

"There's time before the main event. Let's go see the side shows."

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She doesn't hurry, once the people are through she starts to head around the back of the ticket booth, leading him down a cloth hallway toward an opening.

"A little while. The circus recently started over and I've been helping Kingpin find new acts. We test them out in the side show before we bring them into the ring."

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"Well, Pommel's a sword swallower. Larkspur is our newest fortune teller. We have a couple of acrobats from the Crab Nebula who just started. Torque Wrench just came on a few weeks back, so we finally have someone who can properly repair the robots. Right now though, he's working on a new idea for a sideshow creature."

She hasn't really talked this much in quite a while. They exit the side of the tent and enter into a small pathway that runs between booths of individuals showcasing their various talents and wares. Many of them are locals who are invited to fill the space in return for some publicity and cash. Kazooland brought them no shortage of people, and it's quite a bustle of the truly strange, and alien.

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In this case he'll likely find himself disappointed again, unfortunately. Megs takes a turn around a corner and stops to look at what appears to be an empty cage, but there's been severe damage to the bars. It looks like something has escaped and up above the cage is the sign Wolf-girl. Someone has added a hand-written note below that which reads: Out to Lunch. She snickers, and puts her hand up to her mouth to cover the sound a bit.

"They're not going to let me live this down."
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She shies away a bit, curling in on herself nervously.

"Yes. But, I didn't do this to the cage. It's been replaced, apparently someone thinks they're being funny."

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She looks up with a shy smile, he's not running away, which is a good thing. In fact she appreciates the hand on the shoulder.

"This is a set we've been putting together as part of a center ring act. I'm not quite ready for my part of it yet, so it's been sitting around for a while."

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"Yes, just this one. Here." She touches his arm lightly and leads him back behind the display. There's a tarp over a square box and she lifts it up, glad to see it's her real cage. There are some slight bends in the bars and plenty of scratches, but nothing nearly like what's out front. Hidden in the bottom of the cage floor, which is slightly thicker than the one up front, is a lighting effect to trigger her transformation.

"The is the one I'm usually in. The one up front is supposed to be conjured into the ring while it's empty."

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"I am." She nods, taking a breath and doing her best to try and hold her head up at least. She's still new to this whole not being afraid of herself thing, but she's trying.

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"Sometimes. It's not as bad now that I'm with the circus." She's clearly settling a bit now that she realizes he seems to understand. "We're all from different planets, so that helps too." As for locals, that was always anyone's guess but so far Kazooland has been quite friendly, in her opinion.


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